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      Tel:+86 0318-6680188
      Motor decomposition and annotation
      time:2018-05-09 08:40:34

      1. stator in frame 

      2. drive end shield 

      3. bolts 

      4. non-drive end shield 

      5. bolts 

      6. rotor 

      7. key 

      8. terminal box 

      9. terminal block 

      10. separating plate 

      11. bolts 

      12. outer bearing cover 

      13. labyrinth seal for 2 pole,V ring for 4-8 poles 

      14. bearing 

      15. inner bearing cover 

      16. bolts 

      17. outer bearing cover

      18.oil seal 

      19.wave washer 

      20.valve disk 


      22.inner bearing cover 



      25.fan cover 



      28.greasing label 

      29.greasing nipple 

      30.greasing nipple 

      31.SPM greasing nipple 

      32.SPM greasing nipple

      Ordering Information

      Dear customer, thank you for your kindness and support to our product. You can get more service if you can tell us the followed information of the motor when ordering: Frame No., rated power, rated voltage, rated frequency, mounting type, poles, protection class, insulation class, ambient temperature, cooling method, and so on. We can produce followed product for you: Different voltage and frequency; Different service factor; Different protection and insulation class; Be Used in, high orlow ambient temperature; The motor with PTC, PT100, heater and so on; Be used in outdoor, high altitude, humid tropics; Special shaft, double driving ends; Different rotation and different location of the terminal box; Other special requirements.


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