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      time:2018-05-09 09:32:42

      Standard efficiency electric motors,high efficiency and premium efficiency motors all adopt Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise,which is universal globally。

      Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise allow 25℃Temperature margin for high efficiency energy saving electric motors.It can increase the load within limited period,and allow the electric motors running at higher temperature and altitude,as well as running under bigger voltage and frequency tolerance.It can prolong the operation lifetime of the electric motors。

      Class F insulation system:

      The highest ambient temperature 40℃

      The highest temperature rise is105K

      Top temperature rise margin is+10K

      class Btemperaturerise

      The highestambient temperature 40℃

      The highest temperature rise is 80K

      Toptemperature rise margin is+10K

      Imsulation systemclases:


      Class B130℃


      Grounding System

      Earth screw(Ф?)

      Terminal box earth screw(Ф)

      Earth cable diameter(mm2

      71-112 M4 M4 1.5
      132 M5 M5 205
      200-250 M6 M6 16
      280-315 M10 2×M10 25
      355-400 M10 2×M10 45
      450 M12 4×M12 50

      1.If the sectional area of phase line is smaller than 25mm 2,it is the same size as the same phase line。

      2.If the sectional area of phase line is 25-50 mm2,it is 25mm2。

      3.If the sectional area of phase line is bigger than 50 mm2,it is half of the phase line。


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