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      Contact us
      Tel:+86 0318-6680188
      time:2018-05-17 03:45:35

      YE2 series three phase high efficiency electric motors are upgraded generation of Y and Y2 series, use new technology and new material, Use cold-rolled silicon steel lamination, totally enclosed and fan cooled squirrel cage structure. It features high efficiency, low noise, high torque, good starting, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on. Class F insulation system are design according to international routine structured assessment method, which improve the product security.

      Enclosure Protection IP55 is advanced among the similar products. This series of electric motors is new type energy saving product. They are widely used in lathes, blowers, water pumps, reduction gears, compressors and transportation, agriculture machines, food processing and packing and various mechanical and transmission equipment.


      Frame sizes:H80-355

      Rated Voltage:380V

      Rated frequency:50Hz

      Degrees cf efficiency:Grade 3(GB18613-2012)


      Insulation Class:F

      Protection Class:IP55

      Cooling Method:IC411

      Altitude:No more than 1000m

      Ambient temperature:-15℃to+40℃


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      Tel:+86 0318-6680188 Fax:+86 0318-8888599

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