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      Contact us
      Tel:+86 0318-6680188
      time:2018-05-17 03:44:52

      General Description 

      YEJSeries Motor is designed on the basis of Y2 Series Motor, adding a disk DC electro-magnetic brake between the fan end, endshield, and the fan itself. It features high efficiency, energy saving, large starting torque, prompt braking, accurate positioning, simple structure, easy operation, small vibration, long longevity and the rotor has no axial float when braking. It has been widely used in various machines that need prompt braking, accurate positioning and reciprocating motion, such as the machinery for crane, foodstuff, light industry packing, and printing, comstruction, etc.

      Working conditions Ambient operation temperature: It may vary with the changing weather but never exceeds-15℃~40℃;

      Aititude: Not more than 1000m;

      Rated frequency:50Hz;

      Rated Voltage:380V;

      Termination:Y if below 3kW,A if over 4kW
      Operation Mode: Consecutive(S1)
      Protection Class: IP44;

      Brake Type: IP44;

      Brake Type: IP23;

      Cooling Method: IC141;
      Insulation Class:B;

      Brake mode: Braking without excitation; the power for braking comes from the recifier in the connection box; Frame Size H100 or below it; AC220V-DV99V; Frame size over H112; AC380V-DC170V.


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      Tel:+86 0318-6680188 Fax:+86 0318-8888599

      Add:Industrial area of Binhu New Area in Hengshui, Hebei Web:www.daysworkfilm.com

      Email:sales@seamomotor.com   info@seamomotor.com