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      Contact us
      Tel:+86 0318-6680188
      time:2018-05-17 03:45:07

      Y3 series low voltage high power totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase asynchronous motors adopt new material, new process and new technology. The products use high strength castings with horizontal and vertical cooling fins on the housing, have overall good rigidity. Structure contour is similar with Y2 series products. It adopts Class Finsulation, Enclosure protection Ip66 rated voltage 380V or 660V, rated frequency 50HZ, Installation method IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, cooling method IC411. This product has small body, light weight, compact structure, high efficiency, low noise.

      This series is suitable for driving equipment of universal machines, such as water pumps, blowers, compressors, transportation equipment. It can also used in Petrochemical and mine trade as prime motor.

      Our company can design and produce low voltage high power electric motors with steel plate fabricated housing and its derived products with center height up to H560.

      Working Conditions 

      Rated Voltage:380V,660V,690V 

      Rated Frequency:50HZ 

      Cooling Method: IC411 

      Ambient working temperature:-15℃-40℃ as seasons change 

      ?If slide bearings are used, the Ambient working temperature can not be lower than 5℃.

      Altitude:1000 meters and below 

      Working Duty: Continuously(S1)


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      Tel:+86 0318-6680188 Fax:+86 0318-8888599

      Add:Industrial area of Binhu New Area in Hengshui, Hebei Web:www.daysworkfilm.com

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