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      Contact us
      Tel:+86 0318-6680188
      time:2018-05-17 03:45:15

      Y and YKK series high voltage three phase asynchronous motors are promoted by the government for saving energy, optimizing and protect environment. According to National and industrial standard, our company designed and developed Y& YKK series,3KV,6KV and 10KV high voltage motors.

      This series of products have compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, save energy, low noise and low vibration, high security, long working lifetime, easy mounting and maintenance.

      This series of products are widely used in blowers, water pumps, crushers, compressors, lathe, transportation machinery and other general purpose equipment. They are very important prime motors for industrial and mining enterprises such as mine, electromechanical, petroleum and chemical companies, power station etc.

      It adopts Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise, rated voltage 3KV,6KV,10KV, rated frequency 50HZ, Enclosure protection IP23, IP44, IP54, Cooling method IC01, IC11, IC21, IC31, IC611, IC616.

      Working conditions:

      1. Altitude is not above 1000 meters 

      2. The highest ambient temperature is 40℃ Note: if the electric motors are running on the place above altitude 1000 meters, ambient temperature is higher or lower than 40℃, The operation follow Gb755-2008 standard.

      3. The lowest ambient temperature,-15℃ for ball bearings and 0℃ for roller bearings, otherwise abide by contract.

      4. In the hottest month, the mean monthly maximum relative humidity is 90% while the mean minimum temperature is lower than 25℃.

      5. During running time, power supply voltage and frequency variation from rated data abide by Bg755 -2008standard.


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      Tel:+86 0318-6680188 Fax:+86 0318-8888599

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